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Rice Tartana Albufera 1kg

Category: Pasta Rice Grains & Pulses

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Round type rice, where the attributes of Sénia rice are combined with those of Bomba rice. Protected by the D.O. of rice from Valencia and being considered a Natural Product of the Albufera, it is rice grown using artisanal production techniques, such as removing weeds by hand or drying in the sun in the era receiving the Mediterranean breeze. Its cooking time is around 18 minutes, maintaining its shape and firmness and absorbing all the flavors. A rice that is ideal in every kind of rice dish.

Albufera rice is a great variety if you have some experience in making paella. Albufera rice differentiates from the other varieties of paella rice, Bomba and JSendra, by being in the middle when it comes to creaminess, and ease to overcook, while still absorbing broth and flavors to achieve exceptional taste in your dish. This variety of Albufera rice is suitable not only for paella, but for stew and risottos as well.

Try making a traditional seafood paella or indulge in a creamy Spanish pudding for dessert.

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