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Guindillas Chilli Peppers (Serpis) 320g

Category: Pickles & Preserves

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Product of Spain. The guindilla is a fresh, green pepper that is eaten one of two ways: flash fried or, our favorite, preserved in vinegar. Guindillas are hand harvested and hand packed, an incredibly artisan, local product. Perfect for making Basque pintxos, like the gilda, a toothpick threaded with anchovy, olive, and a guindilla pepper. A traditional pepper of the Basque region, these guindilla peppers in wine vinegar are also referred to as piparras. Yellowish-green and narrow with an elongated shape, they’re mild, spicy-sweet peppers that add a subtle heat to numerous Spanish dishes. Spear on a toothpick with an olive and anchovy for the classic "Gilda" pintxo found in bars throughout San Sebastián, or add them to a Bloody Mary for a unique garnish.

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