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Stock Gourmet Vegetable (Vegeta)1 kg

Category: Spices & Seasonings

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Product of Croatia Shouldn’t every meal be a treat? For over 50 years Vegeta Gourmet stock powder has been present in so many kitchens around the world, providing the freedom to make the most delicious dishes and lovingly share them with family and friends. Vegeta is always the right choice. Whether it is for a family favourite recipe or exploring new creative combinations. Vegeta is the answer to all your cooking questions. It is your secret ingredient! The combination of carefully selected finest quality vegetables, herbs and spices that Vegeta proudly delivers, is the inspiration in the kitchens around the world. It brings out the aroma and completes the flavour of any savoury meal, while not overpowering the flavour of the other ingredients used. Ideal for creation of liquid stock, soups, stews, casseroles, sauces or gravies, in stir fries, or on meats, veggies and seafood in preparation for roasting or BBQ cooking. Gluten Free 99% Fat Free Suitable for vegetarian / vegan Suitable for Vegetarians / Vegans

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